Soul Yoga Classes

Whether you are someone who has done yoga before or someone who is starting with the practice, there is a class that is suited for you at Soul Yoga. In here, your attitude towards this practice as something that is a concern for the body is developed for you to realize that it is also a concern for the soul. In spending more time doing it, you will soon realize the benefits it has for your physical and spiritual health. Yoga is one of those rare exercises that develops a person holistically, starting from the surface towards the innermost recesses of an individual. To see more, check out

As always, there is a class for beginners who might be initially looking for relief from bodily injuries. This class teaches the basic poses of yoga that are necessary in the practice, progressing to the harder poses begins with these easier ones. Slow Flow, is the next class that you might consider taking if you are comfortable already with basics. This class helps you in achieving balance between your body and mind. The manner of the poses in here are centered on holding each one for extended periods. In a sense it is like a preparatory class for building mental and physical fortitude.

These next set of classes integrate essential oils and candlelight in each session. In Aroma Flow, an essential oil is utilized to assist you in practicing different poses properly and masterfully. There are different essential oils used for different purposes. Candlelight flow, on the other hand utilizes candles in each session. The lighted candles provide a serene atmosphere for practitioners to breathe, stretch, and relax after a tiring day from work. Learn more on Serenity Spa.

Yin Yoga class, focuses on maintaining seated poses for up to five minutes. The benefit one can get from this class is the strengthening of joint's connective tissues. If you love this class, then you would also love it combined with Slow Flow. A combination that allows you to hold seated and flowing poses for detoxifying.

There also classes for advanced Yoga practitioners. The Short Form Ashtanga class focuses on sun salutations characterized by: inversions, backbends, seated postures, and standing postures. The Vinyasa class has an introductory session for developing the stamina needed in doing this dynamic form of yoga. Vinyasa, requires movement and breath coordination for back bends, inversions, core isolations, seated & reclined poses, and standing poses.

Lastly, there is a class focused on meditation called the Inner Light Meditation. You will be guided in undergoing sound healing, visualization, body awareness, and breath work. Visit for more information.